Staff and Associates


Sean Jones

Sean Jones is Managing Director of EduActive Solutions Ltd in the United Kingdom (UK). A former Professor and Associate Dean at the then University of Natal, he has extensive experience in Advancement within the university and civil society sectors and has advised or evaluated the Advancement operations of more than 30 universities in Africa and the UK. He has also worked in evaluation, project development and capacity-building roles for both donors and grant-seekers in a variety of fields ranging from nursing, public health and sexual rights through to libraries and equity programmes. With a PhD in Social Anthropology, Sean has written extensively for academic and non-academic audiences and his publications include an award-winning monograph, Assaulting Childhood (Wits University Press 1993), and a co-edited volume, Striking the Rights Chord (Inyathelo 2013), which provides perspectives on Advancement from the point of view of human rights NGOs. He has worked closely with Inyathelo since its establishment.