Atlantic Advancement Initiative

We were exposed to an intensive training, support and mentoring process around the 10 elements of Advancement. We moved from zero to providing an ongoing intensive capacity building programme for a total of 12 160 farm workers from 12 160 farms in Mpumalanga, Free State, North West and Northern Cape.
~ Buti Chakache, Rural Legal Trust

Inyathelo has worked in partnership with The Atlantic Philanthropies since 2007 in an effort to establish self-sustaining Advancement, development and fundraising operations for a group of human rights organisations as well as five non-profits that work to promote access to justice for the rural poor in South Africa.

The first capacity development programme ran from 2007 to 2010 and assisted in strengthening the financial sustainability of human rights organisations including the Black Sash; the Legal Resources Centre;; the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute; and the Transkei Land Services Organisation. You can buy a copy of 'Striking the Rights Chord - an anthology of perspectives on Advancement for Human Rights Organisations in South Africa' from Inyathelo's online book shop.

Images from the Atlantic Philanthropies Advancement Initiative

The second three-year initiative which ended in 2014 was designed to bring about a fundamental shift in thinking about donor resources and practices to attract support amongst non-profits working with the rural poor.

Building on the learnings and recommendations of the first initiative, Inyathelo offered a careful balance of general Advancement training along with intensive capacity-building interventions that were tailored to the needs of the individual organisations.

Participating organisations included the Centre for Community Justice and Development; the Centre for Law and Society; the Rhodes Law Clinic; the Community Law and Rural Development Centre and the Rural Legal Trust.