Social Sector Summit

The Presidential Social Sector Summit took place on 4 and 5 August. The theme for the Summit was: “Fostering Social Cohesion to enable socio-economic participation in communities.

Social Sector Summit

The Social Sector Summit has been convened to recognise the role played by civil society organisations in South Africa’s liberation from apartheid and for the role they continue to play in all sectors of society. The Summit is the result of the commitment made by the President in his 2022 State of the Nation Address, where he highlighted the role, that civil society plays in supporting government in the delivery of services to vulnerable communities.

In his State of the Nation address, the President called for the restoration of trust, communication and collaboration between government, the private sector, and social partners. The outcome envisaged for the Summit was a stronger partnership between the State, Business and Civil Society Organisations in addressing social challenges faced by South Africans.

Thematic areas examined at the Summit include:

  1. The cooperation between government, business and civil society to advance the development agenda of South Africa ;
  2. The sustainability of civil society and participation in the Covid economic recovery strategy;
  3. The Regulation and Transformation of the sector;
  4. Regional and global experiences and linkages;
  5. The role of the Civil Society Sector in advancing the objectives of the developmental State;
  6. Resource Mobilisation and Job Creation

President Ramaphosa delivered an address on the role of civil society organisations regarding the National Development Plan, during the closing session. Watch the video of his keynote below:

The summit recording is available here: